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07-28-2019, 08:53 AM
I'm working on a down-to-the-studs renovation of the main full bathroom in my home. I'm nearing the finish line but have been stumped by a creak in the recently tiled floor. I've done most of the work on this renovation, but hired a contractor to install the tile.

I screwed down the subfloor (3/4" non-tongue-and-groove plywood) every six inches and laid the 1/4" Hardiebacker (set in thinset with screws every 8 inches), prior to the tiler doing his work.

I'm thinking the creak is coming from this one tile rubbing against acrylic tub. (The rest of the tiles have a reasonable gap between tub). I put my foot in the attached picture because I consistently hear the creak when I weight and unweight this spot on the floor.

I have three questions:
-What's the likelihood this is the source of the creak?
-Is there any way for me to know this is the source of the creak?
-Do I have any easier options other than removing and replacing the tile?


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07-28-2019, 09:43 AM
If the tile(s) alone are moving that much, they would probably have to be loose. Since you installed thinset under the Hardi, most likely the plywood, Hardi board and tiles are moving together.

07-28-2019, 10:27 AM
Welcome, Eric. :)

What Davy said. If you did not install blocking under the between-joist seams in your square-edge plywood subfloor, you'll have movement there. Not may have movement, will have movement. And that's where squeaks come from. I think chances are very good that's what you've got going on there.

My opinion; worth price charged.

Tool Guy - Kg
07-29-2019, 02:07 PM
Agreed. And, if possible, I'd get under the floor and put in some support to prevent the excessive vertical movement from foot pressure.