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View Full Version : 60" tub in an 65" space - knee/full wall suggestions

07-09-2019, 09:29 PM
Hello all, this is my main hall bathroom reno. Getting ready to set the tub, Hardie backer on the floor & walls, kerdi membrane in the tub shower.

The tub, Kohler archer, is 60" long. The current space is 65". I would appreciate some suggestions on how to utilize this space properly. I am concerned getting the shower door to fit. Most seem to be 60" wide. 3x6 subways on the wall, so I will have some versatity with matching trim, corner pieces.

1) Build out the whole wall, making the whole space 60", all the way up to the ceiling? Seems like a waste of space.

2) Build a knee wall to meet the tub, 20ish inches high. Build out just the area where the 60" door will mount, kind of like a column.

Even if I can find a longer door to fit the space, it seems that since the tub is 60", with the flanges, I can only put a door as wide as the tub. Does that sound right? Your help is always greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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07-10-2019, 12:59 AM
Welcome back, AV. :)

I'd probably go with option #2, and use that knee wall as a shelf. Just make sure it's got about a 1/8" slope toward the tub to keep water from standing on it.

08-03-2019, 01:33 PM
It's the home stretch and I am finishing up my waterproofing and floor today. I have a large window in the shower. I put my kerdi membrane up to the window frame. It will be tiled in the end. I was going to finish water proofing by making a few strips of kerdi to cover the wood and come down a few inches to meet the rest of the wall.

Can kerdi be set onto painted wood? Using versabond modified thinset today. I sanded it with rough paper and have a good clean surface to work with. It is not bare wood though. It was originally painted with an oil based paint. Subway bull-nose tiles will be covering the window frame.

Please see attached pic. As always, I appreciate everyone help here!!

08-03-2019, 03:34 PM
No. Wood isn't a suitable substrate for bonding, nor does Schluter say it is.

You did yourself no favors by waiting till now to address the window. Best you could do now would be to cut back window frame to whatever depth your Kerdi substrate is and patch that in with same substrate material. You could then line the inside of frame with Kerdiboard or tile backer and apply Kerdi and wrap onto backwall. Don't forget you want the sill pitched to drain at the waterproofing level.

My concern with replacement windows inside of existing frames is always the same. How well was the original attached and how well is the new window attached? They are now going to me married to the shower enclosure via the waterproofing so best they be solid and not move differentially.

A sliding window will collect significant crud in the channels and if you're depending on it for ventilation, you need a fan.