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07-08-2019, 12:23 PM
Hello, I wanted to ask a quick question; do I need to notch every stud to create recessed spacing for the liner, or is it ok that I only notch my corner studs to create spacing due to the double/tripling up when folding and tucking at the corners.....

Just a little history on the project, this is my master bathroom complete remodel. I have completely beefed up my floor joists, plumbed in new toilet trap and shower drain, then came over with new 3/4 ply sub floor and beefed up my bathroom walls to 2X6 double walls as it used to be single wall redwood T&G. (as is the entire house) Did all the beefing up as previously there was a small very poorly installed fiberglass stand-up, that was leaking due to poor under support resulting in constant drain leaking and early stages of hardwood floor rot. So now there is a solid foundation and I am just about ready to cement board and start working my pre-slope bed. I have my 2X6 blocking already nailed in across the shower bottom plate all the way around, and nailed them in "flush" to the inside stud/plate edge. Ir makes sense to me to notch to get as flush as possible when installing the membrane but long story short; are notching the corners for fold space enough??? Cause if not, I got a bunch of blocking that defeats me from notching every stud.

Thanks in advance.


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John Bridge
07-08-2019, 12:37 PM
Hi Joe, :)

I think the corners are enough IF there is nothing sticking out and if you can install the liner smoothly over the wall studs.:)

07-08-2019, 12:45 PM
Thanks John, I appreciate it!