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07-04-2019, 05:56 PM
Hello guys,

I own a house. I put the wrong tile in my bathroom. It has a slippery coating on it. I even fell at least once. Now I want to rent my house out. I know there are treatments for my floor. I love my floor, I was wondering if i should just cover the floor with a different floor or whether I should try some type of non-slip treatment.

What do you recommend?

I've read that some treatments will cause my floor to look dirty and some will have to be redone every few years.

I'd like to preserve my floor. But i certainly would like to prevent people from falling.

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07-04-2019, 08:12 PM
Welcome back, Maurice. :)

How 'bout a sign that says Slippery When Wet?

Would probably help if we knew a bit about your tile other than that it's slippery.

07-04-2019, 09:30 PM
I think the tile is porcelain. It is red in color. I do have pictures. I attached the pictures. They are pretty glossy.

I've been thinking about using something like this:

07-04-2019, 09:58 PM
And that is a glazed porcelain, Maurice?

07-05-2019, 12:21 AM
If that's the tile I think it is, I put a ton of it down years ago. It is pretty slippery, so I wouldn't leave it uncovered in an area where the floor might get wet, such as just outside the tub, or in front of the sink.

If I were to rent it out, I might leave mats in place there for the renters, and advise them of the hazard. Of course, then you get into a situation that if one of them does fall and is injured, they know that you knew about the problem and "didn't do enough" to prevent it. But you know, most tile floor are slippery when they get wet.

There's no perfect answer to solving the problem, other than taking it up and replacing it with something else.

07-05-2019, 04:55 AM
In today’s litigious society it’s a real risk you probably don’t want to take. Maybe trying a small area like behind the toilet with some acid etch or something like JohnnyGrip? I’ve accidentally acid etched tile with muriatic acid but never used any of the products made to micro-roughen tile or glass.