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06-21-2019, 10:25 AM
Hello everyone. My 28x32 garage is done and looking to do the floor. I researched a lot of ideas and decided not to the following:

Epoxy: $4000- $4500 quotes, worried about eventually bubbling or discoloration from working on cars.

Racedeck style tiles: Expensive, noisy and worried about jack stands and such.

Grinding/ Polishing: I was looking into making the floor look like a home depot style finish. Got a quote for $3500 :(

So, I am looking for a PEI 5 porcelain tile to do it. I am curious if any of yiu guys did it this type of project? I was looking at a particular tile but the non-slip rating is a R10 which worries me. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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06-21-2019, 11:10 AM
Hi Ralph.
You can do epoxy yourself for A LOT less than that. I epoxied my garaged probably 10 years ago. Gets lots of abuse but still looks great. Sure it has a few dings where I dropped heavy stuff like a vise. But that’ll do in almost any flooring.
Racedeck is nice, but lots of crap gets under it over time.
Grinding is nice. So are tiles. Neither will hold up under an anvil drop.
Check over on the flooring section of forum. Lots of nice and knowledgeable folks over there on this type of stuff.

06-21-2019, 04:36 PM
Hi Jeff, I was thnking of that as well. Issue I am having is that I heard...

1:) bog box stores dont rent the commercial grade machine.
2-) you will need to buy your different stone to do it properly

I am worried about investing $400 in renting and stone and not coming out right.
My slab was finished off with trowels , not that helicopter thingy. So I have some waves in it.

06-21-2019, 08:17 PM
Unless your floor is in real bad shape, you probably wouldn’t need to go that far. I used a Diamabrush on a Clark machine and it did just fine. Your mileage may vary.

06-22-2019, 06:50 AM
Is this a display garage or a working garage? I like the acid wash stone-ground look for a working garage maybe epoxy coated. I epoxy coated my 3-bay garage 15 years ago using Sherwin-Williams epoxy kit I used 3 gallons each of part A & B. It has held up quite well except where I dropped things and in a few areas it does have some crazing but hasn't popped up yet. The Home depots here rent grinding machines with a stone included. if you do rent a machine make sure it's the kind where as the stone wears out it is can be lowered to stay in plane in relation to the plane made by the 2 wheels and the stone.

06-23-2019, 05:35 PM
Work garage. will be restoring car's and such

06-24-2019, 02:41 PM
There's work on and then there's work on and leave a mess... I did epoxy and a urethane clear with metallic swirls and stuff. Looks good but in retrospect, I think an acid etch and multiple coats of sealer would have done the trick. I kinda like the concrete look and with a sealer it just looks like wet concrete.

Benefits now are I can leave puddles of fluid and not have to worry about a thing. Found a few drops of oil from multiple months ago that just clean right off that woudln't likely stain with a sealer.

Depending on where you are thick/smooth floors can get pretty slick unless you put some anti slip in them.

I had thought about doing tile but changing that up in the future seemed like it would be a giant headache.

My vote is for a commercial grade sealer. That's what I ended up doing in my basement and love it. Stands up to cat puke :)

06-24-2019, 05:51 PM
Rustoleum Epoxy is really easy, did two coats of Epoxy and one clear coat. Total project was $360.00. Everything wipes off with ease.

06-25-2019, 06:37 AM
I'd be worried about tile edges getting chipped when rolling a floor jack around - those steel wheels are not going to be forgiving, and the point loads will be high. Or if/when the edge of a jack stand leg rests on a tile edge.