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06-20-2019, 12:19 PM
Hey everybody, need some advice. My contractor refuses to use fast drying grout. His preferred grout is Mapai Keracolor S, but the color selection is too limited for us. We're looking for something that will dry kinda Dijon mustardish, like a subdued version of the "Tile" letters used at the top of this webpage. I hear some brands (especially the Mapai Keracolor) get several shades lighter than expected when they dry, which is also something we're concerned about. So...

Does anyone have a favorite brand of sanded grout that comes in a larger variety of colors?

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06-20-2019, 06:19 PM
First thing I would do is look at Custom's and Laticrete's color charts and see if you can find a color that you like. I use a lot of Custom's Prism and it's supposed to be fast setting although it doesn't seem fast setting to me unless I'm using it out in the hot sun. It can be walked on in 3 hours. In my opinion, it's very easy to use.

Tool Guy - Kg
06-20-2019, 10:37 PM
Prism is a good, reliable grout. While I use Laticrete Permacolor much more often, it’s partially because of availability. I think they both dry to the advertised color. I like them both. But attention to the directions. It’s been my experience that 4 out of 5 installers (yes, even the ones who have been installing for 20 years and never had a problem) mix grouts NOT to the directions. Then they complain about “that junky product” that has a shorter pot life...or color issues...or excessive shrinkage

But if you’ve got an installer who refuses to use certain products (like Permacolor that has a shorter pot life than the typical super inexpensive cement-based grouts) that perform really well...well, I don’t know what advice to give. That’s a bummer.


06-21-2019, 01:25 AM
We're looking for something that will dry kinda Dijon mustardish,

Grey Poupon. :D

Laticrete Permacolor Select is pretty hard to mess up. Since it comes in 12.5 pound bags, a single installer with decent experience in grouting can use it all up before it sets up.

Make no mistake you have to work fast. It also requires keeping the bag of grout at room temp or cooler to slow down the drying process. Ice cubes in the mixing water also helps, and washing the floor down before starting is best.

06-21-2019, 10:11 AM
Thanks guys! I'm actually leaning towards Mapei Flexcolor CQ but will look into those suggestions. The Flex is more expensive but seems to have a few color options close to where we want to go, and since it's premixed no consistency issues (which we have in the last BR).

06-21-2019, 04:45 PM
CQ works quite well, but you need to observe the drying times. :gerg:

06-21-2019, 05:56 PM
I agree, the Flexcolor works well but it's not as easy to use as the Prism or Permacolor. It's a whole different animal.

MAPEI - Technical Service
06-21-2019, 08:43 PM
Hey Steve,

There’s nothing wrong with using Keracolor. It’s a tried and true grout that’s been on the market for decades. If your installer is asking for that particular grout, chances are good he knows how to use it well. Portland cement grouts can be touchy, but an experienced installer will make all the difference!

06-22-2019, 08:42 AM
With such a limited option -- Dijon color -- , You could also look Ardex grout chart.
Do not discard epoxy grout if compatible with your tile .

06-22-2019, 05:30 PM
Holden said, "Portland cement grouts can be touchy". Not sure what he means by that. Maybe he can explain. :scratch: