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06-19-2019, 09:56 PM
hey guys, im in eastern Ontario, Canada. where it gets very cold in winter. I am doing an estimate for an outdoor area, a wading area of a pool that is under about a foot of water. I have to give a price to re-level the 2 pads 15x25 feet the original contractor used a "topping " material that wasn't recommended for freeze thaw, and the concrete lifted and came apart. so they will remove that but I have to re level, and install tile, likely 2x2 mosaics, and use kerabond keralastic because it will be submerged under water. I want to charge a lot for this job because of the difficulties involded with keralastic, and mosaics. im also requesting a rep from mapei to come assess the job before I give my price, because we don't know if the substrate is even done right therefor the whole pool may fail eventually. but they want it open for the summer, so I may provide a price but it will be based on a cosmetic fix, I cannot guarantee the job wont fail based on the existing problems. and they will have to sign off that im not responsible.
what do you guys think for a sqft price for this one? thanks

ps ii have 20 years experience, schlurter certified, wedi certified,
and its the area between the 2 brick colums it was just painted concrete but they want it tile.

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06-19-2019, 10:04 PM
Fix your substrate, mapeilastic 315 with fabric, then tile with proper expansion joint(s). Of course consult with your rep for best products/practices for your situation. Don’t bid by the foot, figure your time and materials and add markups to both.