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06-15-2019, 05:00 PM
Hi all, I have appreciated the informative and friendly folks here and the wealth of experience in this forum. With that, I come to you for some advice. I have a 14 year old home (of which I've lived for 9) and noticed a few weeks ago a 1" crack in the floor of my shower. Its now 3". I am not the original homeowner owner, so I cant really speak to how it was constructed. On the advice of a tie setter I called, I did get into the crawlspace down below today and couldn't find any apparent sign on water damage or leakage, though I admit with all the insulation is wasn't easy to spot it. I'm not sure if there is a way to stop this from getting worse, seal it, or repair it. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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06-15-2019, 08:20 PM
Welcome, Dave. :)

Cracked tiles are generally the result of differential movement of the substrate or between the tile and substrate. Without knowing how your shower was constructed, it's not really even reasonable for us to guess at the probable cause.

But if your shower was properly constructed using one of the industry accepted methods, that crack should not result in any water leakage from your shower at all. It's technically a tile installation failure, but primarily an aesthetic consideration if there is not a more serious underlying problem.

A photo from a bit further away for some perspective might help. I can't tell if that's a floor/wall joint or something else.

Speaking of the floor/wall joints, are those joints grouted or filled with a flexible sealant. Again, I can't really tell from your photo, but if that's a floor/wall joint it appears that there might be some separation occurring at that junction. Is that the case?

My opinion; worth price charged.

06-15-2019, 09:38 PM
If I'm remembering correctly, every time I've see cracked shower floor tiles, the plywood was getting wet and swelling.