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06-04-2019, 08:06 PM
Hi I am New to this forum. I am a Newbie in regards to tiling. What I am trying to do is have a vertical stripe that lines up with the width of the niche. My issue is all the tile I look at is 12(10)X12.. The inside width of the niche is 13.5 inches. What am I missing? I would like to use a hexagon pattern. I just do see how to do this without having a sliver or a grout line in the middle of the niche. The picture attach is sort of what I am looking to do. i have prefab niche.


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Tool Guy - Kg
06-04-2019, 10:13 PM
Welcome to the forum, Michael. :wave:

The niche in the picture you are showing was custom made by the installer. You’re not likely to get so lucky using a pre-fabricated niche that’s the same width as some tile you’ve got in mind.

If you tell us what method of waterproofing you have in mind, we can talk you through the steps to custom make a niche to size. If you haven’t picked out a method of waterproofing or someone has told you that you don’t need waterproofing, we can likely persuade you otherwise. :)

Since you’re new to tile, I’ll come right out and warn you that mosaic tile like you describe is likely to be thinner than the wall tile. And that causes a fair amount of grief trying to set it flat and flush to the field tiles if you’re not ready for it. Top it off with hex tiles that are tough to neatly cut (you’re proposal of running a stripe like this requires a lot of accuracy) and you’re going to add misery to the grief. You don’t have to change your mind. We can help you through. But it’s something to consider early on in the planning of your shower.


06-04-2019, 10:25 PM
Welcome to tile. More planning than you think. And you better take a tape measure when tile shopping because no tile is 12x12!!!
Look at schluter quadec and jolly metal trims as way to frame the vertical stripe. This can isolate the difference in tile thickness and grout colors for your stripe. And maybe help with matching the size. The tile and grout thickness will vary your niche width.
I'm using two vertical jolly strips to separate a vertical blue glass mosaic on my side spray wall. And I used quadec on my niche. I don't see how you could ever purchase a tile that will fit to match the width of the Niche before you install the niche side tiles. I had no idea how wide to cut my metal until I installed the side tiles. I use the laser level line to make sure both sides were parallel and vertical. Then could cut my metal.