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06-01-2019, 08:43 PM
Okay guys, I'm getting ready to tile my kitchen and dining room. I'm going to use Ditra over plywood. 12x24 tiles. Im not going to use schluter thinset because of price and availability. What mud underneath and what mud on top.

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06-01-2019, 11:32 PM
I've had pretty good luck with mapei decoupling membrane mortar for over ditra and custom's versabond or flexbond below . Plenty on this forum have used high quality modified over ditra with no issue especially with large format tile.

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06-02-2019, 01:00 AM
Ali, you actually have those two product applications backward. The uncoupling mat mortar is unmodified, and can be used to install tile over Ditra, but not to install anything over plywood, unless a latex modifier is added.

Versabond will bond Ditra to plywood. A person could also use it to install tile over Ditra, but because it's modified, Schluter's warranty would be void.

06-02-2019, 07:38 AM
My bad Kevin, updated original post. Not sure why I got them mixed up after a ton of ditra installs.

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