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05-22-2019, 06:44 PM
I have a 60 year old peach/pink tile floor with cranberry insert tiles. The style is out of sync with the original tile in the rest of the 90 year old house since this bathroom was retiled in 1950. Floor is solid. No cracked or chipped tile but the surface glaze is largely worn to a full matt texture which seems like it would allow paint to adhere well. Grout is perfect. I would like to paint the entire floor white, including the grout. This won't be as nice as tearing out the old and installing new but it will refresh the bathroom while I save for an entire bathroom redo. Foot traffic is light. Just me and always barefoot or in socks. I have read to use acrylic paint designed for concrete or porch floors and a urethane sealer over that. But what about epoxy garage floor paint? What is the best recipe? I don't splash water on the floor and I run the exhaust fan while showering. I see tile painting advice in questionable design oriented fixer upper magazines targeted at fools with no construction or painting experience and assume these demonstration projects problem look crappy pretty soon. What do the pros recommend?

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