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02-16-2019, 06:02 PM
Hi all recently we hired a person to complete a bathroom. All was done in a correct manner until we came to the tile being installed in the shower. I am not happy at this point. I have attached a picture it seems to be uneven. Especially about the top of the neiche you see a slant. And along the top of the neiche it seems the tile bows out as you can see on the window wall the tiles to the left show more and more. I am looking for other opinions. I have attached a picture If youíd be find enough to comment and what could be done to fit this tile. Unsure if it needs to all be ripped out. Have not paid anything but demo and sheet rock costs.

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02-16-2019, 06:25 PM
I can't tell if it's bowing from those pictures. But it does look like they need to protect your tub better, and the color pattern seems strange to me. In your first picture it looks like below the window all light tiles were used, but below that and to the right they mixed them. Can you take some close-ups?

Just In Tile LLC
02-16-2019, 07:00 PM
Evening William, it is hard to see the issues youíre concerned with in the pictures. Iím hoping the seams of backer were taped though? Iím guessing not since it would be something youíd do before you paint the red guard on. Which also looks a little on the thin side... one coat most likely.

02-16-2019, 07:08 PM
Welcome, William. :)

What Justin said.

I'd also like to see a better photo of the area where the wallboard meets the tub there on the left side of your photo.

Houston Remodeler
02-16-2019, 07:10 PM
I agree with Justin. RG not thick enough and seams not taped and floated.

More pics at the tub junction would be nice as CX asked.

02-16-2019, 08:01 PM
Hi guys thanks for the responses so quick. They did tape the cement wallboard joints they did not float them unfortunately. Iíll get some close ups tomorrow. Should I be concerned going forward here ? Is there anything I should request from them to do at this point to prevent any water damage. The lippage of the tile seems to minimal less than a width then a dime. They mentioned the tile being uneven. But they didnít mention that until half way through i wish they mentioned earlier as I would have purchased other tile. They chose the tile brand as well.

Just In Tile LLC
02-16-2019, 09:06 PM
William I donít want to prematurely police the job without seeing those close up shots. :) The not floating the Durock (which is required per their instructions) is enough for most of us to question things, itís a fairly simple step.

So the most I can say with certainty at this point is the Durock was not prepped according to manufacturer specifications.

02-17-2019, 07:39 AM
Ok I have some close ups to show my concerns and also posted along the tub line for an opinion like you mentioned. The niche looks slanted and the tiles along that wall seem to be off level I tried to illustrate it in the picture. Whatís your honest opinion guys ?

02-17-2019, 08:02 AM
The not floating the Durock (which is required per their instructions)

Floating out the taped seams could have occurred while they were setting. That may be a generous assumption on their behalf though. And that assumes they used the correct alkali-resistant tape, not the mesh drywall or plaster tape.

My bigger concern is the lack of apparent redgard thickness.

And the out-of-plane walls would bother me. They should’ve shimmed the framing, or flashed before redgard to address that problem.

The tapered cuts along the niche - is the niche unlevel? Or are the horizontal grout joints?

02-17-2019, 08:03 AM
See it now, thanks. Other than what was said already about the seams and shading choices, the tile work seems decent or at least level.
The issue is most likely the framing. Iíd guess the lumber to be protruding too much around the window. This would be causing the bow you see. Secondly, if the tile joints are level the window framing is clearly not.
Easy fix before concrete board goes up.
If it was an existing window with existing framing you may unfortunately get into a blame/ responsibly discussion. I know most guys would want to correct these issues before tile time as these directly impact our tile work. It is the responsibility of the setter to ensure everything is adequate beforehand.
That concrete board definitely does not meet flatness requirements.

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02-17-2019, 08:08 AM
Ok thank you guys. I can’t explain my gratitude for all your advice. Would you go about ripping this all out and hiring someone else or letting them finish ? I want a long lasting bathroom done right and I rather correct these issues now if they won’t hold up.

Also the window framing was redone and a new window put in by them. The uneven picture with the level is a separate wall from the window exterior wall.

02-17-2019, 08:31 AM
You are paying for a professional job to be installed per manufacturers instructions. Some of the issues we are seeing are basic Tile 101 knowledge. What can't we see? Your $$$, your shower. You need to have a talk with whoever is running the show.

02-17-2019, 08:32 AM
I can't believe he didn't protect that tub.

The niche is a focal point. Either it isn't square/level or it is and the rest of the install isn't. Regardless, you're gonna see it when you shower. Every. Single. Time.

Plus the RedGard issue. Looks like he did use mesh tape after the RG was applied, which is getting bedded with mortar as he tiles. But that's still leaving the gaps un-water proofed. With a liquid membrane he should have taped and mortared the seams and THEN rolled on the RG.

I also don't like the little open triangle at the front edge of the tub. IMO he should have cut the bottom row shorter so that he could machine the tile to round that corner.

02-17-2019, 08:54 AM
Yep my mistake. The setters can’t float out the taped seams as they set, that needs to have occurred before redgard.

02-17-2019, 09:07 AM
We needed to see the wall/tub joint before it was tiled, William. Can't tell what might/might not have been done there now that it's tiled. Critical point in the waterproofing.

The other critical point is the tub leg. The part that extends from the top of the tub down to the floor and they clearly did not waterproof that area.

My opinion; worth price charged.

02-17-2019, 09:48 AM
Looks to me like the tile are butted in most areas, with no grout joints. And let's be honest, the work itself looks subpar.