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06-20-2018, 10:41 AM
This is not directly tile related, but I am hoping someone here might have an answer for me.

I usually believe in the philosophy that if you want something right, do it yourself. well this master bathroom of mine was a big job, so I hired someone. He did a wonderful job. except for one notable exception. He made my threshold into the shower dead level. So we came up with a plan to buy a granite threshold and install it over the tile. The tile store sold us a primer and a thinset made for installation over tile so we were all good to go there.

The shower door people came and measure. they knew how we had repaired the level threshold....that there was granite over tile. When they came to install, they had dull drill bits and had to work very hard to drill through the granite to install the door. they were using 2" long screws, but the screw holes they drilled were way deeper, into the wood.

When they drilled the first screw in, it broke off. They then drilled 2 small holes next to it to get the screw back out. Here's the bad part. to make the now oversized hole tighter, they stuck a thin piece of wood into the hole and then drove the screw in.

my concern....that wood is going to wick water down into the hole and rot out the threshold over time. They have to come and take the door down anyway because it's too small (3/8" gap in the middle and edge) so I want them to repair that hole properly so I don't get water infiltration down there. What do you suggest they put in that hole to properly seal it up? and should the new screw be long enough to go down into wood or is it being in the tile and granite enough? this is a pivot door.

thanks so much.

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06-20-2018, 01:32 PM
You're right. A leak will rot out the curb over time.

Drilling into the curb is verboten. Now, that you have an extra large opening thanks to your clueless door installers, your options are limited. You can use silicone sealant when you set your door/hinge assembly but it is just a sealant, not a waterproofing mechanism. In the short term, it'll work. In the long term, hard to say.

Your shower installer as well as your door installers sound like they don't know what they're doing. If you install showers, then you should know to pitch the curb. Also, if you're a glass installer, you should know how to measure. And instead of sticking "a piece of wood" into the oversized hole, there are anchors that work much better.

Do you know what he waterproofing below is and whether it wraps around the curb fully? PVC liner, sheet membrane, paint-on membrane?

06-20-2018, 02:34 PM
What Wolfgang said. Plus, if it's a pan liner installation, I'd want to know what he installed on top of the curb/liner to set the tiles to. When I see a flat curb, 99% of the time there is cement board nailed to it. Of course the nails to hold the CBU are driven thru the pan liner.

You might consider a new piece of granite.

06-21-2018, 11:53 AM
thanks. the curb was framed with 2x4s then sealed with kerdi board. the whole shower is kerdi and he did a really nice job with it, other than the level curb. The granite was added and that fixed the problem with out of level. the glass people are coming this afternoon to propose a fix. I am insisting on a new door, properly measured and sized.

The door I chose is a pivot, and I knew it would be attached to the curb. I chose this door because of the configuration of the shower. I regret this decision. Trust me on that one.

I'd feel much better if the Kerdi had not been penetrated and with 2" screws, it shouldn't have been, but it was. so I really need to figure out a fix that won't involve removing all of the tile and patching the kerdi.

New piece of granite might be possible, if the stone yard has any of it left. Not sure how hard it's going to be to remove that granite though. And the top header bar is out of level, I know the hole they drilled to install that is now oversized and will need to be filled and redrilled. maybe putting an anchor in that hole will be sufficient? Would an anchor in the granite be a good fix? I was thinking maybe get a 2-part epoxy and filling the hole below the granite totally with epoxy to seal it. or possibly use an epoxy cement filler.

06-21-2018, 11:57 AM
here's a couple of pictures.

06-21-2018, 02:33 PM
Sorry to be so direct but that's a perfect waste of good Kerdi! To install this great sheet membrane just to have it pierced.

With the transom stabilizing the whole thing the door could have been hinged off the glass panel. But I see they also penetrated the curb in two other places to secure the panel. They should have used the stubbed screw method to anchor the brackets in the tile in conjunction with epoxy. Sorry, not much help at this point.

For all intents and purposes, if properly filled with something, it'll probably work ok. But there are no guarantees with this installation.

06-21-2018, 04:29 PM
I've seen some stone fabricators patch marble and granite and it is practically impossible to see it. Some one good can make it blend in really well.

08-01-2018, 09:58 AM
So much has happened since I first posted this. They ordered another door to fix the size of the gaps. the new installer removed the old door, patched the hole with thinset and tried to put the new door in and it didn't fit. too tall this time. he reinstalled the old door only he installed the pivot crooked so now the door doesn't close right. So now a 3rd guy has looked at it and agreed that an entire new door needs to be installed. he argued that the door install requires long screws so penetrating the membrane is to be expected. Today I found the installation instructions from the manufactures on line that says the screws are to be 9/16" long and the membrane should not be punctured. bingo. Exactly what I needed. they agreed to paying for removing the old granite, repairing the holes in the kerdi and installing new granite and an entire new door.

08-01-2018, 11:30 AM
Nice. Just make sure they get enough clean Kerdi around the screw holes for a 2 overlap.