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08-24-2017, 07:28 PM
My name is Greg and I stand in peoples bathroom all day for a living.
There I feel better.
I am putting in about 50'sq. of Ditra floor heat. My customer went tile shopping and came home with white marble form Lowe's.
No. I did not ask Lowe's what to set it with. I know better. At least this Lowes.
My surface is 60 year old concrete with Black Cutback Adhesive on it.
I plan to scrape off as much as I can with a razor scraper ( while the floor is wet of course). then i'm using a mapei primer before the ditra goes on the floor.
I am guessing a White latex modified thin set? I hate guess as there is so many good tile folks on this site.
Thanks in advance for all replies. Greg -AKA Crusty.

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08-24-2017, 07:48 PM
Welcome back, Greg. :)

Have you read the Ditra Heat manufacturer's recommendation for the type of thinset mortar to use with his product? You can use whatever you like, of course, but Schluter recommends un-modified thinset mortar for setting over any of his products. If you'll be bonding to a MAPEI product on the floor, after, of course, removing the cutback to no more than a stain, you'll want to follow that manufacturer's recommendation, which I'm sure will be a modified thinset mortar. Do read his instructions for that, though.

My opinion; worth price charged.