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04-10-2017, 09:42 PM
Hi :)! I am about to purchase Parcelanosa's white tiles and they recommend to use their Colorstuk Rapid Blanco grout. Parcelanosa's reps say it is totally white color and that it is mold resistant. My question for you guys, if you know or heard from anyone who used this grout, does this grout gets yellow after a while?

Also, I believe from the previous posts that this Colostuk grout is Epoxy grout - I have had a bad experience with the epoxy grout because it dries extremely fast. A couple of years ago i decided to re-grout my bathroom using Epoxy grout. My contractor did not wipe the tiles quick enough. As the result I ended up having some tiles covered with "film" and nothing helped to take it off.

I am very anxious about the color to get yellow and spoiling the beatiful glossy shiny tiles to have that ugly "film".

Appreciate your advice,

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04-10-2017, 10:16 PM
Welcome, Val. :)

I moved your post from that other visitor's project thread to avoid confusion in both places.

A quick look at the Porcelanosa website ( shows the following:

"Colorstuk rapid n is a type CG 2 high-performance, cement-based grouting material..."

As a Portland cement-based grout and not an epoxy grout, I wouldn't expect any of the yellowing you fear, but I have no personal knowledge of that particular product.

My opinion; worth price charged.