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01-21-2017, 01:57 AM
Hope everyone had a good New Year thus far. Back with bathroom number 2. Feeling ambitious about it, hopefully not a bad thing.

Had quite the nightmare with my last contractor who did my hallway full bath reno. Was a ~46 sq ft full bath (with tub too!) that took him from end of July until second week of November to finish. What a mess. Thanks to the advices from this forum, I came out good.


Did a lot of reading on this forum and decided to tackle a full Kerdi/Ditra-heat Master Bathroom myself. Had someone do the demo and removal already, they’re coming back to change the plumbing, electrical and loose ends later.

Bathroom is currently down to the ¾ subfloor, everything seems pretty level on the floor and stud in shower except for some thinset still on the subfloor. Do I need them to remove all the thinset for good ditra adhesion?

Which comes to my next question and BIGGEST dilemma, I want to do a barrier free steam shower with Kerdi-Line Drain against the long side of the shower (48”). It’s to my understanding the Kerdi-Shower Prefab foam’s end height is about 2” tall

Is it possible in my configuration to do a barrier free or even depressed shower floor? Space is pretty limited to allow for a ramp outside. I thought about building up the subfloor all outside but I can’t do almost 2” for the prefab pan.

In the worst case, is it possible to do like a very small step into the shower? Ideally just tiling the edge of the prefab pan 2” height, no curb. Or am I just dreaming too far now?


More details/question
1. Kerdiboard all around shower and ceiling
2. All studs but one in shower is 16” OC so ½ thickness kerdi board. Will sister the other one to reach 16
3. Was going to incorporate 2”/LF or maybe 1”/LF ceiling slope (out to inside) for condensation runoff however I’m afraid it might allow even more possibility to drip on me since that’s where the bench is
4. CX always talks about Movement accommodation joints, do I need the schluter system or is that just silicone on plane changes?

Thanks everyone!
{edit} can the photos be uploaded in a way that it can be enlarged in the future?

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01-21-2017, 02:56 AM


Looks similar to this layout. I did a 60" linear at entry extending the pvc liner 2 feet pass threshold. Pier and beam house you can do anything you feel comfortable with. But if I was you, I'd tackle that backsplash b4 spear heading this kinda remodel. We are here to help though, and yes you will need to get Existing Mortar off subfloor, was existing tile installed directly on wood or was there concrete board?

John Bridge
01-21-2017, 10:30 AM
Hi John, :)

It's possible to lower the floor framing in the shower. It takes lot's of cutting and doubling up, but it's possible.

The problem, though, is that if you end up with the shower floor even with the bath floor it'll be nigh unto impossible to swing a shower door without dragging and totally impossible to use a bath mat outside the shower. :)

01-21-2017, 01:49 PM
It will cost a little more, but rather than cutting joists and reframing you could use a Wedi pan. Their zero entry pans are only 3/4" which means all you have to do it remove the subfloor in the shower stall then block in between the joists and fill back in with 3/4" ply. I think they require another step for steamers, you'll have to check.

I don't think the schluter line drain pans are a full 2" at the perimeter but I can't recall for sure.

Yes all the thinset needs removed, a residue is fine.

05-06-2017, 02:02 AM
Hey! I'm back. Project was on hold since I last posted. Trying to see if I can get this done before baby #2 comes. If someone could weigh in the bottom portion of my attachment is a good idea or not, would very much appreciate it.

@jSTile Looks great! Never seen a drain right by the door before. What's the reason? Tile was on concrete board that was thinset on top of subfloor.

@John Bridge You did give me something to ponder about during the hiatus. Wife is super anal about bath mats. Do you think something like the attached is feasible? Really trying to get away from the standard shower curbs.

@rmckee84 I actually did look into the wedi pan. While they are 3/4" thick at the thinnest point, they're actually will be about 1.5" thick on the other end since they're pre-sloped.

[Edit] reattached the drawing. Top does have a slope, just not drawn into the picture.


05-06-2017, 05:47 AM
It looks to me like you will end up with water sitting on the bathroom floor with no way to get to drain.

05-07-2017, 06:13 PM
@CountryBumkin lol If you're talking about drain pitch, there will be the appropriate slope towards the drain. I just didnt' draw it in hoping it would be easier to depict what I hope to accomplish.

Unless you're talking about how the bottom would not be appropriate for water drainage, please let me know. I just have never seen it like this. I might just go with a curb to make it easier.

I'll reattach and update the above post so no one thinks the same. Also new attachment, not considered residual right? If not I'll ask them to scrap it off some more since I did pay for this part lol.