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01-19-2017, 11:45 PM
So....I know damn well that mastic has little business on a shower wall. I have a tile setter,actually a now employee who has redguarded shower walls, over durock and was intending on installing wall tile (withing the limits of Acrylpro) over the redguarded shower walls.

My questions is this (and yes, I know despite ACrylpro's claims, it should be a no no): Is the chances for failure of the wall tile greater because the durock or any cement board materials will not absorb any incoming moisture and it will go right for the mastic?

I just discovered his method for installation. No, im not happy with it. I would think there would be less chance for disaster if the durock was uncoated with durock and could absorb any moisture that would get in behind the tile.

This is all theoretical, just interested in the response?

And as aside, he WILL be installing wall tile with thinset. luckily i caught this before tile went up. Just looking for some feedback.

Thank you.

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Tool Guy - Kg
01-20-2017, 01:29 AM
Welcome to the forum, Jason. :wave:

Mastic and RedGard are not like chocholate and peanut butter. They don't belong together. :shake: Mastic and RedGard are a contradiction in terms.

While type 1 mastic over cement board in an intermittently wet exposure (like with a tub surround) is okay, is recognized as a method in the TCNA Handbook, by manufacturers, and by installers who understand that not all mastic re-emulsifies....I'd avoid using it in a continously wet location (a shower stall).
And tripley worse, trying to use mastic over a RedGarded wall. I'd avoid this combo like the plague. There's no situation I'd be okay with using this combo for your application.

There's no question that it's time for thinset. And possibly, it's time for a non-sag thinset MIXED PER THE DIRECTIONS. Using properly mixed non-sag thinset may be an eye-opening experience for your employee.


01-20-2017, 08:31 AM
Thanks so much for the reply, I appreciate it!