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01-18-2017, 10:15 PM
Hi All - A quick intro is that wife and I decided to remodel a small bathroom. All that was needed was the pull out the old shower/tub one piece and replace with a tub only and then tile shower walls and tile floor. Easy enough, right?

I've been using this forum as a main resource to develop my plan and make sure I had all the right products...the application of the product is where I may have failed. I have tried using the search but haven't easily found a definitive answer.

The tub was installed leaving three walls to tile. The walls were taken down to the studs and I applied Hardie Board, taped and thinset the seems and then put up one wall of Ditra uncoupling membrane. While working on the next wall, it dawned on me that the Ditra handbook never mentioned for use on wall application.

So, the real question is can I use the Ditra over Hardie for the tub surround (shower walls)? I know Schluter likely would not cover a warranty in this application but I am not worried about that as this is a relatively small project.

PS...I know I could just RedGuard over the Hardie but that opens up another set of questions on what to do with the gaps we have in the corners where the walls weren't square and I wasn't competent enough to realize this and adjust my cuts accordingly.

Thanks - Nathan

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01-18-2017, 10:29 PM
Will it work? Maybe, but I think you should probably take it down. The only time I've seen it used on walls is in small strips to build out a deco band to make it flush with the field tile.
The gaps in the corner should be filled with thinset and mesh taped.