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01-18-2017, 02:31 PM
hi ive been remodeling and laying tile 30 yrs, so I'm bored with the same old stuff, so heres my problem I want to put waterproof led fexible 12 volt strip lights behind a 1inch frosted glass pencil liner around the top of 6x6 shower ive laid this out on the floor looks great but cant find anyone who has done this to see if theres something I need to know before I start, I would appreciate any help I can get, thanks fltim

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01-18-2017, 02:56 PM
Here ya go...

01-18-2017, 03:24 PM
Yep, hit up Jake at Back Lit.:tup2:

01-18-2017, 05:16 PM
LED's can last for 10's of thousands of hours, but their power supply can spoil all of that in a momentary flash. You might want to make some provision to be able to access the power supply.

01-18-2017, 07:03 PM
thanks ill check this site out

Steve in Denver
01-20-2017, 12:34 AM
I watched the video but wasn't clear on how the waterproofing would tied to the metal channel...I'd be concerned about it rusting...?

01-20-2017, 12:36 PM
As it explains on the site, components are made of galvanized steel and rust resistant components.

01-20-2017, 02:54 PM
There's a reason why galvanized metals don't work well in wet areas...it wouldn't be my first choice. SS would be much better.

01-20-2017, 04:56 PM
tried jake at back lit tile no way to leave message will keep trying, site doesn't give away much about installation or sales

01-20-2017, 05:57 PM
If you dont mind messaging me your number ill be happy to give it to him

01-20-2017, 05:59 PM
Latest post on Instagram by backlittilekit, I have not done one yet either but itching to learn, incorporate this into an installation wet or dry. This pic gives new meaning to feature panel. :nod:

I got some brochures from him I can take a pic and post so you can at least get an idea.

Course if you don't want it lit up, then you got options or other colors. Technology stands still for no one.:usflag:

01-20-2017, 09:06 PM
How bout an acrylic tube enbedded in white thinset?

01-21-2017, 12:04 AM

Steve in Denver
01-21-2017, 12:43 AM
As it explains on the site, components are made of galvanized steel and rust resistant components.

I was more concerned about how the rest of the shower would be waterproofed given a 6" tall strip of apparently unwaterproofed section. As for the material itself, I'm with Jim...galvanized wouldn't be my first choice, particularly considering the cut edges and drilled holes.

01-21-2017, 07:59 AM
posted by Neil:
How bout an acrylic tube enbedded in white thinset?

You mean embedded, hey whatever floats ya boat. Perfection is only in the eyes of the beholder. :lol2:

01-21-2017, 08:38 AM
Metal insert could have better provisions for water tightness with integrated flanges. Nice idea for DIY.