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01-07-2017, 03:49 PM
Still in planning stages of a porch floor rehab. Most of the porch floor is blue slate tile, my guess is from the 1960s. The reason I say that is that in the early 1960s, the owners put in a closet on the porch that we recently removed. Underneath the ex-closet, it got interesting. We found 1/4" plywood over asbestos tiles, all now gone following EPA regulations.

We are left with an area of smashed concrete, left over we assume from when they removed the previous floor and put down a mud bed and slate tiles. Our plan was to build a bench where the closet used to be, but it could not come out as far as the closet because you could not lie back against the wall. So that will expose some of the floor underneath the closet, and since some of the blue slate is missing anyway (by the screen door, exposing stoop brick underneath), we're thinking of redoing the whole porch floor.

My thought was: pick up the tiles, run 1/2" of SLC over existing mud job, then Ditra and, well, blue slate tile. I would patch the cracks in the floor where the closet used to be (Ardex Feather Filler, and K-19 for the SLC). Curious if anyone has any opinion on this?

Underneath the porch is an enclosed crawlspace with brick facade on two sides and foundation wall on the other sides (now drywalled), so no looking a joists. The porch had a 500lb tub sitting on it for a while and no damage to the tiles, so I'd say support is good.

Thanks for any feedback.


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01-07-2017, 05:56 PM
You're telling us you have a completely unaccessible crawl space, Taylor? Is this space conditioned? Or at least ventilated?

I see nothing in your photo that looks at all like deck mud. I see what looks like some pea-gravel concrete sticking out from under your tiles. That your mud bed?

That broken off concrete-looking area is also a topping on a wood framed subfloor?

This porch is conditioned space or open to the elements?

01-08-2017, 04:51 AM
Thanks CX. Yes, completely inaccessible crawlspace, but the tiles above are fine (except for a bit near the screen door where the underlayment is brick and a tile came up).

My bad if that is not a mud bed under the blue slate. Here is a close-up of that floor:


Yes the broken off concrete is where the closet used to be. Can't see what's underneath, it is pea bed concrete all the way down, I am guessing T&G plank floor over 2x lumber like the rest of the house. The house was built in 1928.

I did occur to me that a crack isolation membrane like Nobleseal would probably be best for that kind of cracked floor.

The porch is exposed (storm windows that are not original and are often left open to the elements).