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01-06-2017, 03:58 AM
I'm just reading up on bathroom tiling so I'm a newbie. I've asked some questions of my contractor and I'm not certain about his is what has been done so far: he is building a new shower for us and laid twoxfours yesterday, then lined it with a liner, mixed concrete and poured concrete on liner and put hardy backer board on the walls. I don't see any slope to drain on concrete, it looks flat. Now he is going to red guard the shower pan and the walls is this correct?

He ripped out the old shower pan before laying liner down and pouring cement... seems like I've read about 'weep holes' but am not certain what those are to look for them.

He is red guarding today so I want to make certain this is correct and not too much waterproofing that will cause mold issues in shower pan.

Also should he use a 'mesh tape' on seams? I think I've read about this.

Ps the shower pan liner goes up wall behind hardiboard about six inches and over twoxfour curb onto main bathroom floor a bit also.

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01-06-2017, 04:01 AM
He is not a plumber or a bathroom Reno company... just a guy with his own 'contracting' business...has a couple guys helping him out

Houston Remodeler
01-06-2017, 07:48 AM

Sounds like he's doing quite a few things wrong.

1- A pre-slope under liner is REQUIRED by the plumbing code as well.

2- Red guard over the liner is a no no

3- Mesh tape over the seems is required by the board manufacturer

4- Got pictures?

I'd be hiring a new contractor.

Take a look at this diagram for the required layers

01-06-2017, 02:40 PM
If your description is accurate, Paul has pretty much summed it the "contractor" the diagram then go ahead and find someone competent.

01-06-2017, 05:22 PM
And "dopeslap" him while you're at it...........:bonk: