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01-05-2017, 02:25 AM
Finally getting around to posting some pics of the remodel in progress on the original "blue tile" bath built in 1959. When I bought the house 20 yrs ago, I replaced the floor due to the previous owners not being able to budget in for a $2 wax ring on the toilet. Their fix over time was to keep layering flooring as the top layers ruined resulting in a toilet 3/4" from being level & held in place with large wood screws! I ripped out the flooring, shored up the joists & added 2 layers of 3/4" CDX plywood, 1/4" finish board & linoleum. It was still 1" lower than the caulk lines from the previous top layer which shows how many layers of flooring had been stacked, all to avoid a wax ring! I regrouted the tile & added a new toilet & vanity which held up great over the yrs, but the Mrs., after 15 yrs of fussing is getting a complete makeover. Ripped everything outr down to the studs. Replaced all of the plumbing & correctly tied in the air vent system that had been bypassed when the drain pipe was changed from cast iron to PVC, & took out part of the bath closet & a bedroom closet to frame a recess for the vanity giving more open space to move in. To make up for the lost closet space, I built in three cabinets when I had to frame the wall out a bit to clear the original main air vent that was installed on a slight angle. The original builders remedied this by making shims for the first 2 studs that started at zero at floor level & tapered out to 1.5" at ceiling height. They just shoved the drywall in & nailed on the rest of the wall. I always wondered why that ceiling line was so crooked. New tub is installed, along with the durock ready to be seam taped/redguarded. Also, as a surprise for the Mrs, I distressed/aged new wood into old barnwood for the vanity backsplash & the cove I built in for a towel rack.

After looking at the second pic, do women REALLY NEED that many different bottles of shampoo??? :shake:

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01-05-2017, 02:50 AM
also have a question about what will look best on the floor layout. since there are many different cutouts etc, not a typical standard square/rectangle shape, should I use the centerline of the entry for the layout or go with the centerline of the larger part of the room? It honestly only about 3/4" difference as far as how the tiles lay. you can see the hole for the toilet near the back wall. Tiles are shifted a bit in the pic as the ones along the tub face would need to be cut.

If i center with the entry, some really narrow pieces would need to be cut to go along the walls. IF I shift to the center of the room, pieces would need to be cut/installed along the right side of the entry, which the door when hung would cover & only be noticeable from inside when the door is shut. opinions??

Houston Remodeler
01-05-2017, 11:54 AM
1- For me, its like taking a shower at CVS. I've read the labels and I still have no idea what half that stuff is for.

2- We put the skinnies where they will be least seen. If not, then shift the pattern 1/2 tile with will put more than 1/2 at each end in your case if I read that correctly.

01-06-2017, 01:09 AM
Thanks! I shifted the layout from the tile centering over the centerline to the tile edge at the centerline (1/2 tile as suggested) & it all fell into place. Sometimes I over think things & miss the simple answers...

01-10-2017, 12:04 AM
Have the tile in with the exception of the niche & bullnose trim. So far, thanks to the advice & information on this site my first tile job has turned out well.