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12-27-2016, 08:33 AM
So I installed new durock board 5 ft high. I left the existing wall from top of durock to ceiling which is above shower head. However, when taping that joint between cement board and drywall, I think I screwed it up because its not flat like the rest of the durock board. Subsequently, I waterproofed the shower area with Redguard.

My main concern is do you think I will have a problem with my tile sticking out from the rest of the tiles when I get to that point.

Do you have any suggestions? Should I smooth out by feathering with more mud?

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12-27-2016, 10:21 AM
Well it's not the best scenario, you have a couple options...
Try removing the redguard and scraping the excess thinset down and reapply redguard.
It is not really a reccomended practice so take this with that in mind, you could try and float the area out where the high spots are with thinset. Like I said you won't find a manufacturer that will stand behind that practice but if you are going to go that route laticrete 254 platinum is what I suggest.
There are patching and skimming compounds available that are reccomended but off hand I can't recall which ones. If you want to go that route find whatever brands are readily available to you and reach out to their customer service for advice.

Tiger Mountain Tile Inc
12-27-2016, 11:44 AM
We have to be careful about giving advice that's not by the book on this forum. It's one of the things that separates us from other online sources.

Many people in your situation would choose to "float" that area with thinset to even it out. This would be done by using the biggest flat trowel you can find and flattening out the bump.

Would doing it this way work? Quite likely. Is it proper procedure? No. Proper by the book advice probably involves starting completely over.

01-02-2017, 06:34 PM
Thanks for you replies. So what I did was feathered the thin set over a wider portion of durock. It seemed to do the trick and my tile was not sticking out.

I did not recoat with redguard again since it was already waterproofed.

Here is how the tile job came out.

01-02-2017, 09:35 PM
Dan, given the bump in the wall, you did it the way most people would have done it. Obviously, fixing the problem beforehand would have been the best option. I've found that it's best to just remove the sheetrock to the ceiling to give me a new, flat surface to work over. If the tile isn't going to the ceiling, shimming out the cement board might be in order.