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argile tile
12-26-2016, 11:07 AM
Hi, i was recently reading about older building and use of hydrated (hydraulic) lime in brick mortar and other projects, ie 1:1:4 1:1:6 (cement, lime, sand)

I hear well used with softer stone, or even making blocks (pretty but not as structural as concrete, is mold free, etc).

Are there any uses of hydrated lime with (stone) tile (type S, no slaking needed, use as cement or with cement) ?

I was just about to plaster a wall with lime before using DRYLOK after i tuck the cracks with (hydraulic cement), because after taking out a wall for mold smell: it's there. I was thinking with lime I might not need drylok (i now think still would) and fill in allot of pits to make the drylok to farther if i did.

In my area the hardware stores don't carry lime at all! (except it's in some crete product and or wall compounds, of course). I'd have to (mail) order it! (guess i'll wait till summer to install french drain on that wall to really solve moisture issue)

I'm unsure if white brick mortar and white plaster has "got enough lime in it i should consider using it instead of mixing my own", or no, use hydrated or hydraulic lime and mix it if I want a real limewash or what.

Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year!

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12-26-2016, 11:48 AM
Here's a link that's interesting . http://stonehengemasonry.ca/lime-vs-portland-cement-which-is-better/

argile tile
12-26-2016, 01:28 PM
I see now (searching old posts) there are reasons why lime isn't a main topic in the forum

(and reason why if lime is anywhere - it would be by manufacturer adding it only to certain products used in industry)

about use of direct bond (even no tile in shower, like a pool):


more todos with lime involved:


(i read many more)

lime is pretty on old buildings as facades and blocks, practical (but difficult) as stucco and in pools, has niche uses (for non-important areas). But there are reasons why TCA doesn't mention lime whitewash/plaster or lime block and such when speaking of bathrooms (important indoor wet areas) and tile. And pool linings are not simple! I'd have a pool maintenance issue in my shower if i had direct bond lime instead of tile! :)

Dave Gobis
12-27-2016, 08:18 AM
You have to know how to mud before you start making much use of lime. There is a little blurb about lime in ANSI. It is not mentioned directly in TCNA except as included in the references to ANSI A108.1.