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12-25-2016, 01:28 PM
I'm a first timer tackling a start to finish shower rebuild/partial bathroom remodel, and I am glad to have found this useful site! Long story short, our master shower leaked and standing water rotted the subfloor. I demolished the old shower and fixtures, I replaced the subfloor, and then I moved some poorly run plumbing and electrical.

My plan is to hand build the shower pan, install the appropriate backer on the walls, and then tile the whole thing. Since I plan to do the whole job myself (and I have two other functioning bathrooms in the house) it's more important to me that I get it right the first time rather than go fast and have to redo/undo work.

So far: I've framed out a 48"x48" internal dimension pan using 3 2"x4"s. I reinforced the subfloor with a 3/4" plywood, and re-centered/recut the drain. I've built up the base between the studs for the liner. I also reinforced the studs where I anticipate glass anchors. And then I started framing a knee wall and a corner bench, but I'm not sure I'm on the right track here.

I have some questions but first a couple of pics:
pic 1
pic 2

So hivemind here are my questions:

1)Is it better to build the entire 48"x48" pan completely first, and then install the bench?

1.5)If it's OK to frame the corner bench and then build the pan, how high should I run the pan membrane?

2)Will the 4.5 inch tall curb still be tall enough with the inclusion of the 3/4" plywood floor reinforcement?

3) Are drywall screws OK for putting the framing together with?

4) What sore of screws should I use for attaching the backer board to the framing?

5)At what point should I have my tile picked out?

Thanks in advance.


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12-25-2016, 02:16 PM
Hi Matt, welcome.

1.It depends on how you plan to build your seat. Looks like you plan to wrap the liner over a wood framed seat and then cover the seat with Backerboard. Instead, I would remove the 2x4's you have at the seat and run the liner wall to wall, add more liner on the face of the studs behind the seat and then build the seat out of concrete blocks. That way the whole seat is contained within the pan liner. You would need to mud the face and top of the seat after the concrete blocks are in place.

2. How much have you got now, 3 3/4 or 4 1/2? Looks like 4 1/2, which would be fine.

3. Ive seen sheetrock screws used many times but I like to use deck screws.

4. I would switch over to Durock or other cement board. Backer board is a fiber board and is not recommended to be buried in the top mud bed. Cement board can be buried in the mud which helps support the board along the bottom where no fasteners can go.

5. I would go ahead and buy my tile now. Try to find a tile that has a matching bullnose unless you plan to use a Schluter type edge piece.

Another thing, looks like you plan to use a traditional pan liner system, I would notch the studs about 1/8-1/4 inch to except the liner and the folds it will have. Also, I would have raised the drain up off the plywood 3/4 inch to give you room for felt paper (or poly), lath and mud for a preslope.

Check out the "shower construction info" thread in the liberry. Good info there.