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12-24-2016, 12:55 AM
I had bought Laticrete 253 Gold 25lb bag a couple of months bag. This morning I went to open the bag and noticed the date of manufacture being March 2013. Laticrete's data sheet ( says that "Advanced plastic bag provides two (2) year shelf life".

The bag was on the garage floor but away from moisture. Since it is almost 3 years since the date of manufacture, is it safe to use it or should I go buy another bag?

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Tool Guy - Kg
12-24-2016, 01:52 AM
Hi, Sam.

Sorry, but you need to get a new bag. It's coming up on 4 years. Take the old one back and they will swap it for an unexpired one. Or refund your money if they don't have any.

By the way, a garage slab can be a huge source of moisture for folks that live in areas with wet or damp soil surrounding the garage. Perhaps that's not you. But just throwing that out for future reference.


12-24-2016, 01:59 AM
Thanks. I will take it back to the tile store I bought it from. Hopefully they will exchange it.

P.S. BTW I am in dry southwest (and we are suffering from a 5 year drought) but this year we got almost normal level of precipitation.

Tool Guy - Kg
12-24-2016, 02:03 AM
Yes, any respectable tile supplier will swap it out knowing that they sold you an expired bag.


01-01-2017, 12:06 PM
I have a follow up question on this so instead of starting a new thread posting it here.

For a Laticrete bag expiring in 3 months, how soon does one have to use up the bag? I had opened another bag I found two days ago and folded over the cut corner on the bag. It rained here the last two days so even though the bag was in the garage, the humidity has been relatively high.

Is it going to be risky to use the thinset leftover in the bag or should I go ahead and buy another thinset bag?

Tool Guy - Kg
01-01-2017, 12:44 PM
How long has the bag been opened? Once a bag is opened, the general rule of thumb is to consume it within 30 days.


01-01-2017, 01:14 PM
Its been opened for two days but it has been very humid. I loosely closed it after folding the corner of bag. The bag in question is expiring in March.

Tool Guy - Kg
01-01-2017, 02:56 PM
Bring it in from the exposure of continued high humidity. But it's not going to absorb so much moisture from the air in just a few days as to fire off. You're absolutely fine to continue using it for 30 days.


01-01-2017, 03:18 PM
Two things that will mess with any cement based product: how it is stored and how old it is.

A modified thinset has the additional issue of the stability of the modifiers. More and more of the manufacturers are migrating towards plastic bags which can help with the moisture issue which is why you see 2-years...those with paper (even plastic reinforced paper) tend to only have one-year shelf lives.

This assumes that the bag is intact, no holes, splits, tears and that it is stored up off of the ground (cement slab is not good!) and away from liquid water. High humidity isn't great, and can ruin a bag in time, or if it is not sealed which includes opening it.

Sometimes, if it's really bad, the bag ends up like a solid lump...but, what may be worse, is if it isn't solid, but some of the cement has might look okay, but will have no strength since a good portion of the cement is no longer active and can't make any bonds.

01-02-2017, 12:25 AM
Thanks Jim and Bubba.