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12-17-2016, 03:50 PM
The floor joists are bowed, producing a 3/4" downward slope from left to right in the picture. Slope is 1/2" across doorway span. Floor is flat. I'm trying to avoid a threshold in the doorway. Plan is to place laminate over the damaged hardwood floor and either ceramic tile or LVT in bathroom. Using a polyacrylic tub but tiling walls since there's a window.

My options:
1) I can easily level floor but that would cause a problem at the transition since the hallway leading to the bathroom also has the downward slope.

2) If I don't level then of course I have problems with sloping floor meeting level tub and level tiles meeting sloped tub lip.

3) I could keep slped floor but level the tub but then what to do with slope at base of tub/floor intersection?

4) I could use luxury vinyl tile and try to level the hall area in front of door. I would start about 3 feet from doorway and use leveler to transition to a level floor at the doorway.

Thoughts? Critiques?

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Houston Remodeler
12-17-2016, 06:07 PM

You're toying with us right? You're asking a bunch of nit picking OCD Pro's which is best ? :crazy:

OK I'm in ;

Add one vote for a custom threshold. The least work with the best results.