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View Full Version : Lathe with mud pan and kerdi?

12-16-2016, 09:41 AM
I am about to start on a mud pan with kerdi drain and kerdi membrane on top. The pan is going on a wood subfloor reinforced with 5/8 plywood.

Do I need to put down any membrane or lathe first? I see conflicting approaches on YouTube and elsewhere.


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12-16-2016, 10:45 AM
Welcome, Kevin. :)

Yes, you want to put down a cleavage membrane and and staple down 2.5lb. expanded metal lath before placing your sloped mud floor.

The cleavage can be #15 roofing felt or minimum 4mil polyethylene sheeting or similar.

My opinion; worth price charged.

12-16-2016, 05:49 PM
The cleavage plane material is there primarily to help prevent the subflooring drawing water out of the deckmud, rendering it less strong during the curing process. FWIW, water chemically gets incorporated into the raw cement during the curing process. ANy excess will eventually evaporate.