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05-01-2013, 11:24 AM
New forum member here, although I have learned alot by reading other posts already.

We are in the final stage of our master bath shower remodel and need advice on grout please. Here are the basics:
1. Porcelain tile (12x12 floors, 8x12 walls, 2x2 mosaics in shower floor, niches, and accents)
2. 80% of grout lines will be 1/8" exactly. Exceptions are the mosaic areas are 1/8" or slightly smaller, and there are a few places that may be larger due to cuts that were a bit short so I just split the difference.

My questions:
1. Sanded or non-sanded? I want no maintenance, and I'm concerned that the non-sanded could be prone to cracking. I'm told for grout lines of 1/8" or smaller I should use non-sanded, but there seems to be some difference of opinion on what to use for exactly 1/8".
1.a. Should I mix them and use sanded on the main areas, and non-sanded on the areas with smaller grout lines, and would this look funny?
2. Should I consider an epoxy like Laticrete spectralock pro? Expecially for the shower, it seems the advantages of epoxy could be beneficial although maybe harder to work with.

Appreciate any input from folks with experience....Thanks!


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05-01-2013, 12:10 PM
I used epoxy grount in my shower and do not regret it one second. It is very easy to clean and I prefer the looks of epoxy grout over the regular.

It is a little bit trickier to apply though, there are some pitfalls to avoid, but it's not "harder" per say.