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05-20-2012, 07:14 PM
I am new to this forum but had a question I cannot find the answer to so I am hoping for some help. We have a mostly Cedar outdoor kitchen, on of the cabinets faces the elememts sun, rain etc. (we live in FL) and although it is under a covered pool enclosure, it still gets hit pretty hard. We have had to sand it down and revarnish that area more than once so we decided to tile it. The area is only 30"x24" so it is not very big, and we have just enough tiles from the backsplash to cover it. The tiles are a ceramic 5 1/2" square and fit nicely across the 24" top bottom and sides, with the rest diagonal and on last accent in the middle. My question is, since the doors of the cabinet are flush to it building up that cabinet with cement board and the 1/4" of the tile plus grout will make it jut out approx. an 1/2" or more from the doors, and will make the doors bump into the tile. So we were looking for a solution to waterproof the wood so we could lay the tile without extra bulk. At home depot they suggested "Levelquik primer" to seal the wood, then the thin set then the tile. Would this work? Last thing I want to do is ruin the cabinets further.

Any help would be appreciated!

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05-21-2012, 12:18 AM
Welcome, blanche49. Please change that permanent signature line to a first name for us to use. :)

Nothing you do to the cabinet door will render them suitable substrate for a ceramic tile installation under the tile industry standards.

If you're not prepared to change the doors to an appropriate material, I'd suggest you abandon the tile idea.

If you wanna tile them anyway, use whatever method you might like. I do recommend you ask the "expert in the isle" for a copy of his warranty before following his suggestion.

My suggestion, if you're gonna do it anyway, would be to attach your tiles with some sort of construction adhesive (PL Premium my favorite) and hope for the best. I'd further recommend you use a flexible caulk in lieu of grout for the joints.

See my written warranty information below:

My opinion; worth price charged.

05-21-2012, 06:37 AM

I'm not trying to tile the doors, just the side of the cabinet facing the elements, it is really a "breakfast bar" with doors on both sides (the side you sit at and the side you serve from. One end of the bar is up against the wall and the other is the one exposed to the elements. I am just worried that if I tile that side of the cabinet the doors won't open properly. As for the tile as I said in my previous post, the tile was used on the top of the bar, the backsplash and an outdoor shower, so I know it can take it. I was just worried if I attached it to the wood directly it would get moldy, but attaching cement board would make the side thicker hindering the doors opening. So Home Depot suggested waterproofing the wood with Level quik latex primer but I wasn't sure that was enough. Now I have found the Tavy Thin skin and am thinking about using that under the thin set and tile. Any thoughts?