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April 2, 2011

John P. Bridge

In 2008 I received a shipment of Kerdi-board from Schluter Systems of Plattsburgh, N.Y., to use in a bathroom renovation I intended to complete as the basis for a new book. Foam backer boards for tile had been available for a number of years, but Kerdi-board was the first to employ a membrane type surface on both sides, making the product waterproof and somewhat easier to cut than its competitors.

Kerdi-board can be used for tile and stone showers, other areas of the bathroom, kitchen countertops — any place a waterproof tile backer board is needed or desired. Kerdi-board is not specified for outdoor use.

Using Kerdi-board I was able to construct free-standing curved or “radius” walls without the use of wood or metal framing. I built a vanity area that is completely elliptical, also with no framing. Cutting and bending the board was no problem at all; I used a utility knife and a small wood-cutting hand saw. For some of the work I used my circular saw.

To cover my structures I chose a honed Peruvian Travertine tile from Stone Marketing in Houston. For the radius walls I cut the tiles into three-inch strips and bonded them to the Kerdi-board with white thinset mortar. I “honed” all the exposed edges with various grits of sand paper. I spent parts of two years completing the project.

I have been working on the book since. I have decided to publish it as an ebook, meaning there will be no printed version. Actually, there is too much material for a single ebook, so I’ve divided the work into two parts. Part I is in production as I write. I hope to have it available for purchase in the Tile Your World Store this summer (2011).

Part I covers the project from tear-out through rough electrical, plumbing and mechanical, right up to the point where tiling would begin. Part II will deal with the tiling and all the finishes to include painting and decorating. The books will be sold individually and as a set. The final title has not been chosen, nor has pricing been set.

The books will be image rich. To illustrate, Part I, which is not complete, already contains over 400 photo images. I will post a couple pictures of the “framing” segment, as well as a few finished shots. I think, like me, you will marvel at what can be done with a standard 5×9 “tract house bathroom” when Kerdi-board is on the scene.

Flash! (9-30-2011) Tile Bathroom Remodeling Part I is now on sale in the Tile Your World Store, and Part II is in the works.

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