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Tile Installation Help: Do-it-yourselfers Gain Tiling Information from Online Pros

Feb. 11, 2011

John P. Bridge

Tile installation help is readily available at the John Bridge Tile Forums, and the information is free for the asking. Professional tile setters from the U.S. and Canada spend many hours answering questions and offering tile advice to amateur tilers and interested consumers. All you have to do is register. Your information will not be sold or given to anyone.

Getting help with your tile installation questions or issues is quick and easy.

Here’s how it works. Registration is simple. All we ask is a valid email address and a username of your choice. You can then fill in the optional information to complete your “profile,” or you can omit it.

Next, start a “new thread” in the Tile Forum/Advice Board and request the tile installation help you need. Ask a question or a number of them. Before you know it you’ll have the answers you need to get your tile project on track. If you prefer to browse through the projects completed by others we offer a search feature that rivals that of Google. As with any search, the more specific you are the better the information you’ll receive.

About the John Bridge Tile Forums

Operated by John Bridge & Associates LLC, the John Bridge Tile Forums were begun in 2000 and have steadily increased in popularity since. For the past several years has been the most visited tile information site in the world. We currently (as of February, 2011) host an average of 8,000 new visitors to the site each day, all of them focused in some way on tile and stone.

We are proud of our reputation and status and work very hard to maintain them. We represent ourselves as the friendliest tiling community on the Internet. We will be most privileged to add you to our long list of satisfied members. Please join us.

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