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• Who uses the Tile Advice Forum?

The majority of posters to the Tile Advice Forum are people who are contemplating, or actually doing, their own tile or stone projects at home. Some of the projects are basic (a small bathroom floor or an entryway), and some are extremely complex (a full tile shower with curving walls, for example). The pros on the forum try to size up each visitor and determine his or her skill level and aptitude. If we think a person is up to the task, we encourage him or her to get with it. If, on the other hand, it seems doubtful a person will be able to achieve satisfactory results in his or her endeavor, it might be suggested that something more basic be attempted.

Our objective is to get the project completed in a “workmanlike” manner. It needs to look good and function properly. We try always to promote methods that are accepted in the building and tile industries.

We also have experts in other crafts, including cement finishing, carpentry (home-building), electrical and plumbing; and a number of the tile pros here are capable in other skills. So we don’t mind discussing any aspect of home-building or home maintenance.

Our “engineering department” is usually staffed, although there is no guarantee that will be the case when you post. Our Chief Engineer is in the habit of bugging out and heading to the Caribbean at a moment’s notice. :-) We do try, however, to always have someone available to discuss your structural concerns with you. Please remember, we do not guarantee results. Our engineers assume no responsibility for the outcomes of their suggestions. Their advice is freely given, and they must be held free from liability and responsibility.

We have product reps (tech reps) who wander in and out, and that provides us sources for information that might not normally be found around the job site.

A number of people come to the Advice Forum to gain insight into how to hire contractors to work on their homes. Since many of the pros here are self-employed (contractors), we are able to steer folks clear of the many pitfalls that can be encountered when engaging someone to work in your home. People who are building new homes, or having new homes built, often seek advice here.

And then there are people who hang around because they enjoy the social aspects of the site. We are a community of “regulars,” and many of the folks who come here for advice on a tile project, for example, end up hanging around long after the project has been completed. So be prepared for trivia and certain threads that seem to go off on tangents. The moderators try not to let it happen too often, but sometimes it just can’t be helped.

The regulars are professionals of every sort (heavy on engineers), and there are skilled and semi-skilled laborers (heavy on tile and flooring). There are business folks and entrepreneurs — technicians and salespeople. There are housewives and househusbands. Members live in several different countries with the majority spread across the United States and Canada.

We have several boards here, all of which you are invited to. There are no closed forums.

Come on in, have a seat and make yourself at home. Before you know it, you’ll be a “regular,” too. If you have not done so, I invite you to read the Forum Rules. Only takes a minute.

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