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We've done a couple in glass. Mud & kerdi over that..Laticrete 254 Rapid to bond everything with Schluter was happy with it and so was the glass manufacture. I was happy because I didn't have to set it Other than that it was "by the book" Soft joints in the corners( including the mud wall) kerdi Flex and closed cell backer rod at all plane changes. 100% vapor proof and ready for plenty of movement, well bonded and waterproof til forever and a day.

I actually call my customers every 30,90 and 300 days now to check if the jobs looking great and if it isn't we fix it for free right away. Just called on the last glass steamer we did 300 days ago and the owner said "it looks just like new"!!!..

By the way if you want to forget all your advertising and just call people 3 times in one year to follow up on completed jobs.. I think you'll never be short of work.They NEVER forget you. and by the time your done you know the name of their dog, the kids soccer game short you have a 'relationship'.
I am amazed at how well this works. Best time to do this is right before the holidays as everyone is having a Christmas party or Thanksgiving ect. people are so blown away that someone will actually service them that your what gets talked about over coffee and drinks.
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