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Tile geeks unite!!!...........I love this thread and look at it almost every day. So much great stuff!!!!

I recently tiled my daughter’s bath. Because I’m a poor tile setter I used a floor tile that I got a great deal on. I started with a stack of 20x20 porcelain tile and cut them all down into a Versailles pattern. I did all the bullnoseing. Because of all the cutting this little project took way longer than I had expected. Oh well I did it very inexpensively.

This is the pattern I cut the entire tile to

My friendly slab guy gave me a piece of stone for the counter top

OK now this is the best part of the job. I find silicone to be the only lasting change of plane treatment. Especially in a wet environment. One thing I can’t stand about silicone is the shine. Even if the color matches the texture doesn’t. Laticrete sells an incredible color matching silicone but even it has a shine to it. To prevent this I siliconed the job and then immediately sandblasted the silicone joint. The media I used to blast the joint was part “C” of spectralock. This shower was grouted using spectralock so I used the matching latisil then blasted the joint with the matching part “C”. The siliconed joint looks almost exactly like grout.

The below change of planes are siliconed. Also to make the tile look more like stone I cut all the tile upsidedown. This gave the edge a jagged stone look and also save my arm from having to file all the tile edges.

I blasted the latisil joint using this set up. The air pressure is so low the blasting media doesn’t even hurt painted surfaces.

Finished shower

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