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08-17-2011, 12:33 AM
Last week we had a 2" hex honed marble floor installed in bathroom. Installer used Tile Guard Penetrating Sealer (water based, no silicone) from Lowe's before he grouted.

We want to seal the marble again, and the grout (Laticrete sanded 1500, silver shadow). After reading posts here I learned Tile Guard is not recommended.

Is a solvent based impregnating sealer preferable to a water based?

Can solvent based impregnating sealer be used over the water based sealer?

This bath is used by 2 people, we don't wear shoes or bring food or drink into this room. Make up, hairspray, lotions are used. Do use tub/shower daily. Prefer not to seal every 6 months or one year.

Which sealers do you recommend?

Also, I'd like to use same sealer on unsanded Mapei white grout on tub/shower walls.

Is a change in color of white grout or 100% silicone caulk after sealing ever an issue?

Installer said he wouldn't seal shower grout. We do dry walls after using shower. Thoughts?

Talked to technical assistance at Miracle Sealants & Aqua Mix, but this was before I learned the exact sealing product installer had used before grouting.

Miracle didn't recommend using 2 different brands brands of sealer. Both said to do a test area. Just covering themselves?

Thanks in advance for your input. This forum has been a wealth of knowledge over the past few months. Thank goodness my tile installer is easy going because I had many questions for him-things I learned here. I neglected the sealer part until too late though. Live and learn!


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08-17-2011, 12:02 PM
The chemical make up of water based sealers as opposed to solvent based sealers is so that solvent based beads smaller and penetrates better. Solvent based sealers are typically recommended for use in areas subject to moisture like bathrooms and outdoor installations.

You shouldn't have a problem with a solvent base over a water base. If you were doing it the opposite way you might have an issue. Also, as fast as sealing, mixing shouldn't yield any problems. Brands like to say that so you can stick to their product and because the products were tested together but sealing is a pretty standard operation.

This is what I used at home with my travertine shower and grout. It's done it's job and I have a pretty wide variety of products to choose from since we sell many brands of sealer.