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04-11-2011, 02:35 PM
Hi All,

I tiled my kitchen floor about a year ago; my GC assured me that my floor would be strong enough, but I am beginning to wonder.

First off, being a renovation, the floor layout is a bit unusual; as the picture shows there was a stairwell opening, I closed this off with 2x8 SPF joists laying on the beam, and hung with double shear hangers (and the proper nails) across the hole. new double layer plywood, glue and screws.

Now the issue is that I have noticed some sag, in a place where a post 'was a PT 2x4 that was part of the old staircase used to be' was removed (again GC said it wasn't supporting) when they put in the new furance.

I thought I was going mad (no way my floor is sagging...) but when I took the post that used to be there (was happily left on site, thanks again GC... :uhh: ) the beam was now a good 1/4 lower than where it had been, so there was some motion and I wasn't going crazy.

I have since jacked up this segment and replaced the 2x4 just to stop any further travel.

My long term solution is to build a load bearing 2x4 stud wall, with a PT plate, with the suds falling directly below the joists, in the segment shown in red.

I would carry the wall full length from end to end, but that would impact some of our future plans for the basement space.

any thoughts on if this is a good approach?


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04-11-2011, 10:22 PM
Should be a good fix as I understand the problem, Raymond.

You'll need to sheath at least one side of that support wally to eliminate flex of the studs under load and make your support sufficiently rigid. Or you could install sufficient blocking to do the same task.

My opinion; worth price charged.