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04-27-2010, 08:31 AM
Hello all -

Just a quick question, that I think I already know the answer to... but wanted to confirm with the board.

A buddy is looking to install a Kohler shower door --
The title says 'frameless door', but I'm not sure why since it has a frame / track system that attaches to the wall, etc.

He was thinking he could get away with using some sort of adhesive (epoxy?) to attach the frame to the tiles as he was having a tough time drilling through them (I suspect incorrect bit). Anyhow, I suggested that that wasn't a good idea for a few reasons -- shear strength, etc. The PDF instructions also say to drill through abutting tile and to mount via the included hardware, which seemed like the right way to me. I pointed him at the 5/16" diamond tile drill kits over at tileprotection.com.

Can a pro just chime in and confirm my thoughts on using an adhesive?


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04-27-2010, 08:44 AM
I'm no pro, but I think the manufacturer's instructions would be the preferred method. Getting epoxy to stick to both glass and metal framing is possible but I question the longevity of the installation and the ability of getting good contact between surfaces for the glue to really set up. The good news is that the frame and glass weight is supported by the curb, not the fasteners.

You are correct, getting the right drill bit will make a big difference.

I think it's called a frameless system because the individual glass panels do not have frames. You cannot have a frameless glass bypass door system without tracks, and the side and bottom "rails" aid in keeping the water in the shower and the panels on the tracks.