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12-28-2008, 11:53 AM
A few questions about sealing with StoneTech Professional heavy duty grout sealer.

The Stone Tech bottle says recoat in 5 to 15 minutes. It will take much longer than 15 minutes to finish the first coat. Is it OK to wait? If so, can I wait several hours?

I am concerned about the sealer that gets on the tile. If it does not get wiped up quickly the instructions say to wipe with a towel moistened with the sealer, then use a white nylon pad to loosen the residue. Is a white Scotch-Brite type pad the nylon pad they are referring too?

When I poured the sealer into a container to start sealing I noticed some pieces of what looks like sealer that has started to solidify-stringy bits of material. Will this be a problem?



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12-28-2008, 12:25 PM
I am not familiar with the stonetech products when i seal i like aquamix. I seal probably 2 whole tiles worth of joints from wall to wall wherever i may be at on the floor i use a small white cotton rag and a solo cup full of sealer to apply it. I use several old Beach or Shower towels to buff the sealer off the tile as soon as im finished applying.

I work about 5 minutes at a time on and off before moving to the next area. I also drench the grout joint with sealer applying it by drenching the joint and dipping the rag constantly in the cup of sealer. i refill this cup often, in the end you waste a bit with the cleanup with the large towel and probably need 2-3 large towels if your floor is 200+ sq ft because you need that large towel to be dry. I only apply the sealer once though due to going so heavy with the 1st app.

Before I seal i clean the joints with acid and water so they are super clean. My kictchen a light colored grout sealed i spill all types of stuff on the joints like coffee and ketchup and nothing will penetrate the joints. Aquamix says their sealers lasts for 15-20 years by then i should be in my next house.

12-28-2008, 03:48 PM
Hi Dave -

The most important thing is to get all the sealer applications done in the same time frame. We say 5-15 minutes for soak time, then put on the next application. If your doing a large area break it up into manageable sections....its ok if it takes longer than 15 minutes but I would not wait several hours. Water based sealers will repel themselves if given the time to start curing.

Sealer on tile is only a problem if it gets to dry completely and starts to cure. That is when the technique described on the bottle comes in handy... if you get in the habit of toweling off the area you just sealed every 10 minutes or so you should have no problems. You can also take a towel damp with plain water and wipe down a section when you complete it.... and yes the white nylon 'Scotch-Brite' is what the label is referring to....

Sealers should be uniform liquids. Age and/or temperature can have an effect on these products. If shaking the sealer does not produce a uniform liquid I'd take it back to your retailer and exchange it.