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05-30-2008, 08:51 PM
"Plan A" is getting some slab remnants of calcutta gold to make some corner shelves, a windowsill, and a threshold. Using Epoxy to laminate tiles together is "Plan B".

For Plan B: I have regular, "buff", and "travertine" colored knife grade epoxy as well as pigments. The regular dries kinda semi-clear/yellowish without pigments. The buff and travertine are just the wrong color, and I dont think I could tint em to something that wold look good with the stone.

Is there a white knife grade available? I've never seen it (probably because I've never looked for it), but it seems like a white would be the best place to start if its available.

If not white, how about starting with the regular and adding a touch of black to get close to the color of the grey veining?

Anyway, appreciate any thoughts on how to get these joints to blend in the best as far as color goes if we go that route.

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Steven Hauser
05-31-2008, 03:21 AM
Hi branigan.

Over cut your pieces so you trim after gluing together.

Try getting the transparent glue. Use 80% knife grade to 20% flowing.

There are clear glues but we don't buy them

Try to remember your color wheel.

start white but you are trying to tint the glue not make a solid color. add some gray and now to adjust it use a little blue to knock the yellow out.

Finally use more clamps to lam not less.