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11-17-2007, 09:39 AM
I have just taken on my first tile project- Thanks to everyone on the site...I've spent countless hours searching about how to complete this project and its been extremely helpful reading through many of the posts!

I have just tiled a 4" tumbled marble backsplash in the kitchen. My local HD sold me TileLab's Surfacegard Penetrating Sealer, and from what I've read, it will do the job, however, I am looking to enhance the color and I don't believe this is an enhancer. (I have already used a "haze remover" and look the look when the backsplash is wet, but not dry).

Can I use an enhancer and then this tilelab sealer or should I purchase a sealer/enhancer?

Here is a pic (hopefully it attached to this post). Please don't look to closely or you'll see how the tiles don't line up!


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11-17-2007, 09:55 AM
Hi Josh -
We usually tell folks who want to enhance to do that prior to any other application of products. When your attempting to alter the color of a masonry surface you want your product to have the best chance of producing the most uniform look... so enhance before anything else.
Just check your enhancer label carefully to determine if it is also a sealer. Many are but not all. If your not sure call the manufacturer and ask....
and test it first on some scrap stone to be sure you like it... enhancer chemistry often can not be removed once applied.....