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10-09-2006, 09:01 PM

This is such an awesome site and many thnaks to all of you pros and experienced DIYs out there who check in and answer questions.

I read the forum rules, so I hope this isn't out of line to solicit a recommendation from someone on this board - understanding of course that no one who does so is responsible for the work of someone I might choose to hire. :) Having said that:

After a few responses to my question about the Terrazzo slab that has sagged in my Florida room, I'm interested in hiring a professional to help "fix" the problem or at least address the out of level issue.

The fixes will range from leveling over the present problem slab and the homeowner (me) using Ditra after the recommended cure period for any new flooring (no guarantees that this will work) - to perhaps tearing the whole thing out and starting over with a brand new slab. Just depends on the total cost - although I suspect option 1 will be the more reasonable idea.

Since I've never worked with concrete, it would be worth hiring someone who is willing to do the leveling required for a 200 sq ft slab or suggest an alternative solution. I feel confident tackling the tiling job I had in mind - but leveling an interior large slab is another bucket of worms. I hate wall to wall carpet (and it doesn't work well in Florida) and adding a floating wood floor would look weird the way the rooms flow together.

I hope that this doesn't make me a heretic for wanting to hire out a portion of my project. Anyone have any recommendations for concrete/slab pros in the Miami, Fl area ?


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