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02-07-2006, 10:56 PM
I know the 12 inch tiles I installed are not exactly 12 inches. They are more like 11 3/4 ". Does that mean 6 x 6 are 5 3/4? Also, I have 1/4 inch spacers, but I would like to use 3/16" inch for the 6 x 6. Is this standard spacing for these? Room is 60 " wide. So if tiles are 5 3/4 and I use 3/16 spacers, I calculated no cutting of tiles on 2 walls and along tub. This is with starting tiles in center of room, width wise. I plan on using a decorative border tile along tub, depending on depth of border, I will end up with about 3/4 of a tile(4 inches) of tile in doorway. Would this be ok? I thought I read to have a full tile in doorway. If my calculations are correct, only cutting will be at wall where door is and around toilet flange. The baseboard should just cover the edge of tile at the 2 walls. If not, I could add a shoe molding to baseboard. Also, does everyone know Lowe's cuts tile if you purchase it there. First ten tiles are free and 25 cents each additional tile. Also, should I buy nippers for around toilet flange? If so, what kind? Am using porcelain, and only have an$88 wet saw. May just have Lowe's do the few cuts I need. When you look into room you see 5 feet of tub straight ahead. Will this look odd to have a border of 2 inch tile, full tiles, then 3/4 of tile in doorway? Sorry, but so many questions. Since I am not starting in center of room, but along tub. How do I get straight reference lines. Thanks.

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02-07-2006, 11:00 PM
Hi Maryann, I depends on the tile. You won't know until you pick something out. It could be anywhere from 5 3/4" to 6 1/2". You can use 3/16" spacing if you like. If the layout you are doing leaves you with a 4" tile in the door that's fine. Sometimes you can't always have a full in front of the door.

02-07-2006, 11:35 PM
Welcome MaryAnn

6x6's are probably 5-7/8". You can usually tell the recommended spacing by how "short" the tiles are from there printed size. Nothing wrong with taking a tape measure into the store or borrow one of theirs. :yeah:

Personally, 6x6 would look better with 1/8" spacers on the floor, 3/16" will show quite a bit of grout for that tile size.

As far as positioning the tile, you can go with either a full tile centered on the door, or the grout line centered on the door. What you want to avoid are less than half tile cuts along each wall.

Lowe's will cut tile, but it can be a bear measuring then driving to the store, measuring again, then driving to the store. See where I'm going? If you want them to cut your tile, you want to dry set your tile first. This means, laying the pattern you want on your prepped floor(pre thinset) and with spacers, then measure and mark each tile where it will go.

If your worried about the toilet flange cut, when you do your dry set take either a pencil or a Sharpie and mark the area on each tile that needs to be cut. Inform the employee at Lowe's that you want the cuts to remove all ink when cutting. You'll probably need to look over his shoulder as he works.

If your going to buy nippers, I would recommend end nippers/nibblers depending on where you buy them.

Porcelain is very hard, if you have a problem with chipping your tiles, you can try using the MK HOT DOG blade (Home Depot and Lowe's sell these in 7"). In other words, make sure your blade is rated to cut porcelain.

In my positioning comment, since I assume you aren't going to continue the 2x2" border across the threshold of the door, I would make the width/depth of the tile cut at the base of the tub equal to that of tile at the door threshold.

Hopefully that will get you started and comments are soon to follow. Next time, please space out the questions, they tend to get lost in the paragraph.

Tool Guy - Kg
02-07-2006, 11:53 PM
Hi Maryann,
I'm thinking more about the strip in front of the tub than the 3/4-sized tile in the doorway. The strip is what is going to grab your attention. If the decorative strip is only in front of the tub, and nowhere else, it may seem a little unbalanced on the floor. But if it looks pleasing to the eye, you are good to go. :)