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10-31-2005, 10:58 PM
We just had a large amount of tumbled "ancient" travertine installed around the entire ground floor of our house. In the store, the display looked very nice with differing shades of colors nicely accented. In our house, it all looks very "dull".

The installer grouted and then used some kind of chemical (do not know what) to remove the grout "haze". Then, he put on a combined sealer/enhancer from Miracle.

The grout turned colors and he ended up having to remove the grout and re-grout.

Now he will not use the chemical cleaner to remove the grout haze because he says he spoke with the sealer manufacturer and they suspect maybe some chemical reaction happened in the grout to cause discoloration. We are all on hands and knees hand-sanding each and every tile. Even then we are not convinced the grout haze is really being removed effectively.

Our questions are:

1) What might we try to clean up the tile and get it as fresh and clean as possible?

2) To bring out the colors, we have been told to use an enhancer. The tile store told us that enhancer is always put on before sealer. But Miracle says to put on the sealer first and then the enhancer. WHICH IS CORRECT? Our installer will only listen to the manufacturer. But to us, it seems logical that the enhancer should go on and work into the stone before a sealer is applied.

3) Is there anything else we can do to help "brighten" up the stone? Outside of polishing it - which will create a huge mess. What other products would you recommend? Is there a specific brand which you would recommend over Miracle?

4) Would applying enhancer twice help any more?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.!!!!. Our installer will be finishing the job this week...


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10-31-2005, 11:05 PM
Miracle Stone Brite "Natural Stone Color Enhancer".

(for honed and textured stone).

There is advice on the containers that reads: "For best water and stain protection, stone brite should be used after applying tile and stone penetrating sealer of superseal".

So our question stands --- how does enhancer penetrate the stone if the sealer is already applied?