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09-28-2005, 04:31 AM
I am about to finish up installing a replacement countertop with granite tile. Yesterday I grouted two tiles, each with a different color grout so the HO could make up her mind. She decided on the color, but wants the grout line to be higher, as close to flush with the tile surface as possible.

The spacing is 1/16", and I'm using unsanded, Mapei Keracolor. I suppose I can let the grout set up a little longer before I use my sponge. I can't wring it any drier. But I doubt this will achieve the look she wants.

Anybody have a technique or suggestions? Also relative to the tile I grouted yesterday that is the color she wants, can I afford to regrout on top of those lines that have set up, in order to try and raise them? I've never tried it.

Thanks. Zbalk

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09-28-2005, 05:05 AM
I've posted this technique before, but here goes...I always apply grout to stone with a piece of plastic,anything will do, something like a body filler piece of plastic you get at auto parts stores...then i slap the grout into the joints with full coverage,don't use a float,it will just sink,you have to practice a little at the sideslapping method...but it works want actually too much grout in the joint.....but i leave the grout sticking up higher than the tile...then i wait till the grout is completely dry...completely...if you start sanding down the joint before it's dry,it will burn the grout too dark!...then i use a buffing pad to (sand) the grout down to the face of the leaves a completely flat joint..perfect...on large floors, with honed stone,i use one of those sanding pads drywallers doesn't even scratch the stone if you wear the pad down a little on some concrete.There, my grout secret is out!I and almost every stone guy i know here, does it this way..and it works well,don't be afraid of it getting too hard and ruining the won't, i,ve done it this way for years. :bow:

John K
09-28-2005, 05:16 AM

#1 What pad drywallers use?

#2 Is this done on sanded grout?

#3 Would you do this on chised edge travertine?

#4 What do you do in the case of polished marble? :)

09-28-2005, 07:44 AM
Dave, sounds good and like an interesting method. I'll experiment. I do have three questions. Are you power buffing or doing it by hand? I assume you don't need to be concerned with grout haze since you're packing the joint and not spreading the grout across the entire tile? Do you use a sponge at all in this process, or is it all done with the plastic thingy whopper and buffer? Thanks Zbalk

09-28-2005, 08:16 AM, not on sanded...wouldn't work good on chiseled....same thing ofr polished..i just use a softer buffer,and i am careful,especially on crema marfil....the little square sanding pads,they're like a sponge with sand on them,,black.Zbalk..i do it all by hand...and if there is a haze,which is rare, i wipe it with a comes right off, but the buffing usually takes care of it...did i mention i preseal all honed stones?The secret to this method is not leaving voids..if you see any place that isn't covered with grout, throw some in...also,you need the excess grout on top, cause the stone will suck it down...also,don't buff until the grout is all dry.Try this method,and after the first time you'll get the hang,and after you see how nice it comes out, you'll never grout the other way...unless it's vertical work..then i sometimes put the grout in twice before i wipe it out..that helps to keep the joint full.....also,if after you buff there are voids, just fill them again,and repeat the procedure.... :)