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03-09-2005, 05:28 PM
my brother-in-law laid a bunch of saltillo tile then after walking on it (it took several days to finish laying it) he stained it and the stain doesn't take where they walked -- same with dog prints. The shoe prints and dog prints were not visible until after the stain was applied. Seems like an oil, rubber, ???, compound has effected the stain process.

Does anybody have any first hand experience with this problem or another similar problem and how it can be corrected before he seals the tile? He doesn't want to damage the look of the stain in the process. Also, adding more stain doesn't seem to help -- the shoe and dog prints remain.

I've done a little bit of googling for tile cleaners and there are some products for cleaning stubborn stains on saltillo tile, but none that talk about the effect of such cleaners on the already applied stain chemicals.

Also, any recommendations on sealants?

Also, if he wants to remove or lighten the stain is there a product to do that?


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