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dave on his knees
12-03-2004, 11:35 AM
Looked a a shower today that has a couple of grout cracks in the flloor and along the base. These are hairline cracks. The shower is a neo angle, with a corian curb, 1 inch mosaic tile on floor, walls are corian except along the floor there are 4 1/4 base tile from the top of the corian curb down to the tile floor. The shower is 20 years old and never leaked. It has a lead pan sloped to the two part kohler drain. I looked for weep holes on the drain, but the original plumbing contractor was called and remembered that this drain has a larger diameter pipe attached to the pan and the top brass shower drain goes inside this pipe and the water from the pan would flow outside the inner pipe. Makes sense to anyone? Does to me. Removing the tile from the shower floor to replace with new tile sounds like alot of demo. I am not sure i could get the tile off without damaging the original pan, and as the walls are corian how would I put in a pan without removing the walls and curb corian. The owner has the dollars to do either but I am leaning to just sawing out some grout and regrouting. Any ideas from the tile gang.. dave Should've took some piktures.

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12-03-2004, 11:57 AM
Either regrout it and seal it after cure with a good sealer,Or have him go pick out some new tile and rebuid the entire thing.
Corian damages easily and there is no fix.Great stuff once it is up.hell to work around though. The good thing is
Demo is fairly easy as they generally set with a construction adhesive and very little of that.
Save the bigger pieces and square em up(they'll break off in chunks so wear eye protection and have an extra set of hands if available.the stuff is heavy),they are nice tops in a workshop .Slippery for router table beds etc :)