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08-12-2004, 05:40 PM
Hi there.

I've posted a thread up here before but still have a few questions:

I have gutted my entire bathroom 5'x9.5'. I have 1x6's (not tongue and groove)nailed on a diagonal as a subfloor 16" o.c. A couple of the 1x6's are damaged, they have cracked and are springy and there is a rectangular hole in the 1x6's that was cut out in the wrong location, I assume for a floor register at some point.

There is also a slight dip in the floor about a 1/4" in a 2'x3' area.

The hardwood flooring in the hallway leading out to the bathroom is 3/4" from the top of the subfloor in the bathroom. I really would like to stay flush with the top of the hardwood once the tile is laid.

Here are my questions:

If I can put plywood over the 1x6's, what is the minimum thickness I can use?

Once I have put plywood down, is this when I would apply leveling compound in the area that the 1/4" dip exists?

Once the leveling compound has dried, what do I do then? Do I have to put more plywood over top of the floor or do I used this Ditra stuff or cement board? This area is a little grey to me...

Cutting out the 1x6's would be a real pain, as the joists that run the long side of the bathroom are under the walls. This would mean I would have to sister a couple of new 2x10's to the existing joists, so that I had something to fasten the plywood to at each side of the long part of the bathroom.

I'd like to get started on this, this weekend, so your help would be greatly appreciated.



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Rd Tile
08-12-2004, 06:07 PM
I mud all my bathroom floors if possible, get's me flat and level all the time, if this is beyond your capabilities, I would install 1/2" plywood over what you have, then 1/4" backerboard over unmodified thinset, screwed or nailed as well every 6 to 8" throughout, after this is all done, check for flatness again, if only 1/4" dip in a small area, mix some modified thinset and screed over it in that area, let set over night, then tile, tape and thinset your seams when tiling.:)