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08-12-2004, 09:22 AM
A couple years ago I helped a friend install a couple hundred square feet of tile in his kitchen. Helped insn't actually the right word; I installed it and he did a lot of watching. After three days of ripping up subfloor, laying hardibacker, cutting and laying tile and finally grouting, I was beat. I informed my buddy that he needed to wipe done the haze on the tile from the grout in a half hour or so and over the next few days he needed to mist the grout with water a few times a day in order for it to harden properly. He begged me to stay and help him finish, but I was done. He asked me if he could wipe the tile down tomorrow, but I told him that the instructions say to do it now, so do it now, and than I left. A week later a get a call from my friend that there is something wrong with the tile. I go over to the house to find that the off white tile is coated with a brown grout film. He explained to me that he decided to go to bed after I left and that he never wiped the film off the tile. However the next day he did religously spray the grout with water and now he can't get the grout off the tile. I almost peed my pants laughing, explained to him that he basically sealed the grout film to the tile and than I left. Over the next few weeks and months he tried everything imaginable to get the grout up; vinegar, ajax, tile cleaner, steel wool, and a wire brush (which seemed to work the best). I didn't offer any help or any suggestions; I figured that was his punishment for destroying all my hard work. The tile floor looks good now, but not as great as it would have if he didn't have to take a wire brush to each of them (there are actually three tiles that have not been cleaned). My question to you is what should have or could have been done at the time to make the tile clean up easier.


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08-12-2004, 02:35 PM
If you catch it within 24 hrs. a little acid and a scrubbing pad usually does it,after that it's all elbow.

08-12-2004, 02:44 PM
A lot of people don't do what people say or follow instructions because they don't understand the reasoning behind it, or they refuse to bow down to other people's experience or know-how. I have a brother in law that's like that. You'll tell him something and he'll say "well....I don't know about that...", like it's just my opinion and not etched in stone. What do you mean "you don't know"? It either is or it isn't! There's no opinions involved!

A lot of times people just have to learn the hard way before they'll listen. I'm more than willing to learn new things, and screwing up is a good way to learn.