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08-11-2004, 02:44 PM
Hello All,

The Rialto tiles we are laying are porcelain tiles with dimples on the surface and "tumbled" or artificially rocky (wavy) sides that slant down at about 30 degrees towards the corners. This makes them look nice and antique but I am worried about a mess when grouting time cometh.

I always try to apply grout only to where the grout line is and not just slosh it all over the tile surface. A release agent could help, maybe. But that would also cover some sides where the grout is supposed to stick.

How can I prevent grout from remaining stuck in the surface dimples or in the wave grooves of the slanted sides?

Regards, Joerg.

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08-11-2004, 03:56 PM
The wavy sides are generally not a problem. The dimples can be if you grout too large an area at a small area's and surface clea the centers as the grout lines are tightening.a damp sponge will get it out if you work small area's.the first time you wait too long,you'll know it :)
The haze isnt so much a problem as dried grout itself.
Small area's,pay attention to detail and finish each area to the point where it is almost completly clean(1 wash left) do all area's like this and then final wash the entire floor.
Have fun, the last one i did was much better than the first one i did let me tell ya :D

08-12-2004, 03:06 PM
Thanks, Todd. That's encouraging. I brought a rubber sponge back from Europe (where we used to tile using real mortar instead of thinset...) and that thing is so great for the last stoke along a grout line.

Haze on floor tiles isn't an issue at our home. We have two large dogs and every few hours something will trigger a tantrum. Which is why we can't paint our decks but have to stain, they took off a whole paint layer in under six months just from romping around.

Regards, Joerg.